Gaming and analytics — connected or not?

How is a Football Manager connected to analytics?

In Football Manager you manage large data sets (for example budgets, player stats, training stats, etc.). Through data analysis, you can make changes that can have an effect on the final outcome. And this is the base of analytics. Your club is your client, the club’s data is your client’s analytics and final outcomes are your client’s business objectives.


It’s sure I don’t play Football Manager as I played it when I was a teen. I have a more strategic approach and I try to use what I do at work to get better (*crunching data sounds*). I analyze better. I get insights from data better. Did Football Manager (or any other game) had a real influence on the development of my analytical side? Who knows. All I know is I enjoyed this analytical game before and I enjoy it now (in a bit different way). That’s enough for me.



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Iva Obrovac

Iva Obrovac


Digital marketer with 10 years of experience. Into innovative products, experimentation, and Martech tools.