Google Trends Data Behind the Game of Thrones

What were the top search queries for main characters?

The second step in my analysis was to check which were the top search queries for each main character and were there some changes in the way characters are searched for. Top searched Game of Thrones characters haven’t changed a lot through time with mostly Daenerys and Jon dominating:

What happens when your loved Game of Thrones characters behave unexpectedly?

Like mentioned before, people’s opinions about different characters changed over time and data can confirm that.


Game of Thrones was truly one of the best tv shows ever made and Google Search trends confirm that. The last season brought a lot of unexpected events, even some that fans didn’t appreciate, and that changed how characters behave. People are still not sure if Bran had anything to do with the Night King or did he plan all the events that took place, in the end, to get to the throne. We’ll never know (neither will Jon). Since the show was such a hit with the audience, 3 spinoffs are coming, hopefully soon. Looking forward to it!



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Iva Obrovac

Iva Obrovac


Digital marketer with 10 years of experience. Into innovative products, experimentation, and Martech tools.